Not Quite an Antihero, but a Professional Photographer is Just as Cool, Right?

Professional photographer Kacy Meinecke has spent her entire life creating. From a young age she found an outlet in paint and photography, utilizing her Salvador Dali-esque outlook on the world. Since then, Kacy has spent every moment focused on becoming better at what she loves – meeting new people, building relationships and focusing on creating images that she’s proud to call her own. After years as a professional photographer, Kacy makes it her aim to bring beauty and originality to an often mundane world.Published locally in SPLURGE! Magazine as Cover and Fashion photographer, as well as internationally for her photojournalism work in The Guardian, Kacy’s editorial work stands out in a crowd, just as she does. Want to stand out too? Contact us!

Awards and Recognition

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2018 Best Portrait Photographer awarded by
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2015 Fitbloggin Expo Speaker on Food Photography
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Cover and Feature Photographer for Wichita VIP Magazine for 9 MO
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Published in USA Today’s Online Publication NowU
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Featured in: Women’s Focus, Pretty Magazine, Splurge Magazine, VIP Magazine and Hayley Williams’ Tumblr
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2016 Wichita Eagle Readers’ Choice Favorite for Best Photographer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What does … cost?

      There’s a different rate for pretty much everything. Executive headshots are always $150.00 per session (unless you’d like to do a handful or more, then Kacy will quote you directly). Depending on hours estimated and job requirements, there are hourly, half-day and full-day rates. Kacy prefers to do custom jobs – so there’s usually no set price.

    • What is included in an executive headshot session?

      You mean besides really incredible photographs of you, right? Well, we don’t know if you’ve read Kacy’s testimonials, but she kind of has a knack for capturing what people truly look like. Genuine smiles, clear mannerisms. It includes a comfortable, fun session that will undoubtedly show who you are. It can be on location, in the studio, outdoors or all of the above. Alongside two fully retouched images, you’ll get your entire gallery to do with as you please. So you’ll have the ability to download straight to your own computer for professional or personal use. BOOM!

    • What’s the difference between a lightly edited gallery versus a fully retouched image?

      Lightly edited will be standard digital enhancing. Anything that includes light adjustments, color correction or small dust/ lint removal.

      Fully retouched images are plastic surgery, aka Photoshop. Because Kacy truly believes everyone is beautiful, she keeps the retouching to a minimum. But, Kacy can do anything you want, including: teeth whitening, skin smoothing, eye brightening, hair removal, flyaways, and yes, even hair addition or other personal requests.

    • I have *this* to offer in exchange for professional photography services…

      So, this is sometimes touchy, but as any true respectable artist, Kacy doesn’t have the resources or time to do anything for exposure. She does, however, at times accept barter or trade. Also, if you have a charity event or organization that’s looking for a donation of time or resources, please fill out the consult form, and Kacy will get with you as soon as she can.